First-Year Seminars

These seminars are designed for first year students enrolled at the University of Iowa. In this seminars, students have the opportunity to work with NAO humanoid robots. They learn how to program the robots as well as how to put on a theatrical performance. In these hands-on classes, everyone is encouraged to create original content and have the robots act out scenes. No programming experience is required for these classes, and no previous experience with robotics is expected. Students interested in technical fields (computer science, engineering, and the physical sciences) as well as those interested in the performing arts (theater, dance, story-telling and playwriting) are encouraged to enroll. This is an interdisciplinary seminar, and students across disciplines must collaborate on their projects. At the end of the course, we put on a final performance, which is open to the public. Learn more about Robot Theater at UI.

Summer Programs for 4th - 12th Grade Girls

Our aim is to fundamentally alter how girls think about STEM and technology-related fields by providing meaningful and effective programming and social experiences that will bolster their sense of belonging and increase their persistence in STEM studies and careers. By implementing this project, we will

1) prepare future colleagues to understand the importance of STEM outreach,
2) create a network for future project implementation, and
3) foster a cultural shift in computer science education and the profession to be more accessible to diverse learners.

These programs are offered through the Belin-Blank Blast and JSI Programs.

Be Part of Our Community

We post videos of the rehearsals and final performances on our YouTube channel, UICS Department. Every course, summer program, and workshop ends with a performance, and the public is welcome to attend. Summer programs, workshops and performances are announced on our University of Iowa Computer Science Department webpage.